Dr. Vint Cerf Looks Ahead

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Because the New Year is fast approaching, and 2009 marks the end of the first decade of this century, we’re seeing a lot of ‘year in review’ and ‘decade in review’ reports lately.

Being the CEO of a technology centred organization, I tend to prefer looking ahead as opposed to looking back in time. Perhaps this is why the end of year article that really caught my attention was this interview with Dr. Vint Cerf by CBC.   As one of the head designers who worked on TCP/IP in the early 1970s, Cerf played an integral role in how the Internet operates today and is often referred to as the “father of the Internet”.

In the CBC interview, instead of looking back at where the Internet has been, Dr. Cerf looks ahead to what we can expect. It’s a little bit science fiction and a little bit science fact, and all in all a fascinating read.

As it happens, I was chatting with Dr. Cerf earlier this week and the thing that really stood out for me was how passionate he remains about the subject and the possibilities for the Internet in the future.  We were supposed to be talking about something fairly mundane, but within minutes he was speaking excitedly about new technologies and potential of IDNs.  Quite inspirational really, and served to remind about how much potential the Internet still holds.

What do you think the future holds for the Internet?

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