CENTR Responds to ICANN’s DNS-CERT Business Case

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Last week I blogged about the comments ICANN’s CEO, Rod Beckstrom, made about the security of the DNS at the 37th ICANN meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. In that post, I noted that perhaps he made these comments in an effort to gain support for ICANN’s business case to create a DNS-Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

ICANN’s business case is open for public comment until April 14, 2010. The Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) has publicly posted their response to ICANN’s business case. I encourage you to read CENTR’s document because I think they do a great job in outlining some of the key concerns expressed about ICANN’s proposed DNS-CERT.

CIRA is a member of CENTR, and supports CENTR’s position. I believe that other organisations/initiatives, such as DNS-OARC, may also better positioned to provide CERT functions than ICANN, and that a more efficient approach to the development of a global DNS-CERT is to support existing organizations and initiatives.   At the very least, until such time as a clear and supported rationale for Beckstrom’s case can be made.  I am not saying he does not have a case, he certainly might.  It is simply that the actual case has yet to be made.  This is the kind of activity where the devil really is in the details and the community really has not seen any to date.  The “why” and the “how”, as well as the “who” pays really need to be clarified and justified before Rod can hope to get to any kind of agreement.

CENTR is an association that provides a forum to discuss matters of policy affecting country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registries, like CIRA, and advocates for the interests of our particular community.

On a side note, CENTR has a new Chairperson of their Board of Directors, (@mathieuweill).  Weill has been on the job for a little over a month now, but has been the CEO of AFNIC, the registry for .FR, since 2005.

Congratulations, Mathieu!

What do you think of CENTR’s comments on ICANN’s DNS-CERT business case?

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