IABC Excel Awards

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Recently, one of our partners received an important award.

Ingenium Communications, led by Caroline Kealey, took home the International Association of Business Communicators’ (IABC) 2010 Excel Award for Crisis Communications for work with Francis Moran from inMedia Public Relations Inc. and CIRA on the Confickr C worm.

As many of you likely remember, the Confickr C worm was detected in November 2008 and showed the potential of being a significant threat to Internet security. Ingenium assisted CIRA in devising and executing a strategic crisis communications strategy, allowing us to concentrate on protecting Canadians against the Confickr C worm.

It is for this work on the crisis communications strategy that Ingenium has been awarded the 2010 IABC Excel Award for Crisis Communications.

Congratulations to Caroline, her team and Francis!

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