Canadians Connected 2010


Warning: shameless self promotion follows.

We’re very excited about our upcoming AGM.

For the first time in our 10-year history, we’ve expanded our AGM to include an Internet symposium. We’re calling it Canadians Connected 2010, and it really is going to be a great event. We’ve got some excellent speakers lined up, including Terry O’Reilly of CBC’s O’Reilly on Advertising and The Age of Persuasion, and Mitch Joel, blogger and new media/digital marketing expert.

We’ve also assembled a world class panel of some of the world’s top digital thinkers, including Paul Vixie, the president of Internet Systems Consortium, Inc., Chris O’Neill, Google’s new country director for Canada, and John Demco, the co-founder of

At the AGM, we’re going to be taking care of some of CIRA’s important operational business. It’s a great way to get involved in Canadian Internet governance issues, and an effective place to network with folks interested in the Canadian technology world.

The event is free and is taking place September 21 at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. If you can’t participate in person, the event will also be webcast, including the opening and closing keynote speakers and our panel, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to our presenters. You’ll even be able to vote in our AGM, provided you’re a CIRA Member.

One quick note – anyone can attend the CIRA AGM and symposium, but to vote in the AGM or the Board of Directors election, you have to be a Member. It’s free and easy to become one.

Register here, connect with others who will be attending on Facebook, and tweet about it using the #CIRA2010 hashtag.

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  • Paul Andersen


    Further to Byron’s post…

    On behalf of the Board of Directors I encourage everyone who can to attend this event either in person or through the webcast. We are all looking forward to this unique event!

    Hope to see you all there!

    Paul Andersen
    Chair, CIRA Board of Directors

  • Frank Michlick

    I’m looking forward to the webcast since unfortunately I can’t attend in person. It is just before – it certainly looks like a great event you’re putting together.

  • Robin L. M. Cheung

    As anyone following my CIRA 2010 election posts might have deduced, what really clinched it for me (aside from the cost being workable for me) was that it featured Terry O’Reilly!

    His radio show on CBC Radio One is great in that, like Numb3rs did for mathematics, he demystifies marketing concepts and makes them easily-digestible for the public that always fears what it doesn’t understand and often doesn’t understand the motivations or methods of modern marketers.

    My own blog ( has similar motivations, but focusing more on the gap between academics and practitioners (but recognizes the significance of the laity and that neither academics nor practitioners find them important enough to explain anything to). I know my articles aren’t as easily-digestible as popular science or media programming, but then a I also don’t want to become just another ____ blog, but rather take the time to explain more advanced concepts in academia and business that nobody ever takes the time to explain at all outside their own discipline.

  • Ralph Mercer

    I look forward to attending and meting everyone. The speakers list is impressive and the event should be great venue to showcase CIRA.

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