CIRA’s Nomination Committee 2011

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CIRA’s Board of Directors is responsible for setting the policies and strategies that guide our work in managing the .CA domain space for Canadians. This week we launched a search for members to serve on our Nomination Committee, the first step in our annual process of electing our Board of Directors. The Committee plays a critical role in soliciting and selecting qualified candidates to run in the Board election. The slate of candidates selected by the Nomination Committee helps build a Board of Directors that represent the wide range of views and interests that make up Canada’s Internet community.

We’re currently accepting applications to serve on the 2011 Nomination Committee, and will be doing so until January 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. ET.

I invite you to apply to be a member of CIRA’s Nomination Committee. For more information, please visit the Nomination Committee web page.

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