The Canadian Internet Forum


I am happy to announce that this week CIRA launched the 2012 Canadian Internet Forum (CIF).

This is the second year for CIRA hosting the CIF – in 2010-11 we held the first ever CIF. It was a very successful event, with more than 500 Canadians participating in a dialogue about the future of the Internet in Canada.

While the 2011 CIF included a series of consultations in Canadian cities, this year we’re taking a different approach. In an effort to include as many Canadians in the dialogue as possible, the CIF will initially focus on online participation, using an all new, highly interactive discussion forum. The discussion forum will run until the end of January, and we will host a nationally webcast event in February 2012.  To identify the topics for discussion in the 2012 CIF, CIRA worked with Nanos Research to conduct a national survey. Hot topics among Canadians included digital literacy, security and safety, access/cost, digital economy, policy and governance, and technology and regulation. Once complete, the results of the CIF will be shared with our government and private sector partners.

One of the interesting results from the survey was that 40 per cent of Canadians couldn’t identify a challenge and nearly 50 per cent of Canadians couldn’t identify an opportunity for the success of the Internet in Canada. This fact highlights the importance of our work on initiatives like the CIF in raising awareness of Internet-related issues.

The survey results inform the themes we will be exploring.  You can view them here (.PDF).

And if you think we missed something, you have the ability to create your own discussion thread in the CIF forum.

Please, take this opportunity to have your voice heard about the future of the Internet in Canada. The Internet affects us all in many ways, be it professionally or personally. We all have a stake in its future, and the CIF is the venue to have your say.

Please visit the CIF website to have your voice heard. You can also help us get the word out by talking to your friends and colleagues about participating, and, if you’re on Twitter, tweet about it using the hashtag #CIRAif.

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