CIRA’s 2013 Board of Directors’ election

We do important work at CIRA. Our work supports Canada’s piece of the global Internet – the .CA domain space.

The CIRA Board of Directors is responsible for setting the policies and strategies that guide our work in managing that space on behalf of Canadians. That means they help define the heart of the Canadian Internet.

This year, four directors will be elected to the Board, and all .CA Members are eligible to vote.

We’ll be posting the final list of candidates running for the Board of Directors on September 9, and voting will commence on September 16.

Why am I blogging about this now?

Because there are a few steps in the process between now and the voting phase, and .CA Members play a critical role throughout that process. We’ve developed an interactive ‘roadmap’ of our election to help explain the process.

For this year’s election, I am asking you to do two things.

First, if you are a Member, make sure you vote in September. If you are not a Member, you only have until August 26 to become one and be eligible to vote. We recommend you get your membership application in sooner so you can participate in every stage of the election. Membership is free. All you need is a .CA domain name.  Stay tuned to this blog – and your email if you are a .CA Member – for updates as the election process progresses.

Second, talk to your family and your colleagues about becoming a Member and voting. As a nation, we are increasingly spending more of our time in the online world, it is more important than ever to make sure that Canada’s digital identity is strong, and that we all participate in building trusted Canadian values online.

You can help by casting your ballot in the CIRA Board of Directors election.