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If an individual is not selected for the final Nomination Committee slate, can they apply to be on the Members’ slate?

Yes, if they are a CIRA Member. 

To ensure your membership application is processed before this deadline, we recommend that you submit your application well in advance. If you are using a guarantor to confirm your identity, it's important for them to be accessible during the processing period.

Can a candidate be on both the final Nomination Committee Slate and the final Members' Slate?

No. Once a Nomination Committee nominee is selected for the final Nomination Committee slate, they cannot submit their name to be a Member candidate on the final Members’ slate.

Are questions submitted during the Campaign Forum moderated?

Yes. CIRA reserves the right to remove any questions or answers, including links to websites, which do not identify the person submitting the question or answer, contain abusive language, defame any person, contravene any applicable law, infringe upon CIRA's trademarks or proprietary rights, contain material that may be considered offensive, and/or are otherwise objectionable to CIRA.

The Returning Officer will be the moderator.

How many times can I vote?

A CIRA member can only vote once regardless of the number of .CA domain name registrations they hold.

In the 2021 election, members can vote for three candidates on the Nomination Committee slate, and one on the Member Nomination slate.

What happens if there is a tie among candidates?

A tie occurs when two or more candidates receive the same amount of votes. A tie is settled under supervision of the Returning Officer by a random draw of names of the candidates who tied. The candidate whose name is drawn first will be deemed to have received the highest number of votes.

Who is Dominion Voting?

Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is a Canadian company that has been providing voting solutions since 2004 and also administered CIRA’s vote during last year’s election. Dominion currently services and supports over 1,200 Governmental election jurisdictions worldwide, as well as for private clients including unions and associations.

Why does CIRA outsource the vote?

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the election process, Dominion Voting Systems Corporation, will continue to administer the vote stage of the election. CIRA, as usual, will continue to manage the election under the Returning Officer’s supervision.

Outsourcing these stages of the election is another step in continuing to improve the credibility, security and transparency of our election process, while improving efficiency and making it even easier for members to participate.

What personal information is being shared with Dominion voting?

CIRA only shares personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. CIRA will only share information necessary for Dominion Voting to be able to administer the Show of Support and Vote, which includes verifying member status and issuing voter IDs and PINs. CIRA will continue to send all election-related emails to members who are eligible to participate in this year's election.

I received an email from a candidate. How did they get my CIRA membership email address?

Under section 23 of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, CIRA is required to provide the list of its members to members who make a request for the list and submit the required Statutory Declaration (see section 23(5)). Members may use the list of members to contact each other for purposes related to the affairs of the organization, including influencing votes in an election.

The list is provided through secure channels in an electronic format that is a non-editable compilation of the list of members and includes the members’ names, postal addresses, and email addresses.

While CIRA is required by law to provide the list, we strongly encourage members who receive the list to only contact those members who are part of their professional and/or social circle to respect members’ privacy. We also encourage them to retain their own legal counsel to ensure that any use of the list is compliant with the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act as well as any other pieces of legislation.

More questions? See our FAQ on the member site.